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Umoja_ Bryan Smart

Senior political science major, Bryan Smart, is the Howard University Association president.

Senior political science major, Bryan Smart, is the Howard University Association president.

What is Howard University’s Biggest Challenge?

Since I have been at Howard, my eyes have been opened to many things.  Being raised in the South, I was not used to the fast pace of the East Coast. My first semester opened my eyess to many things: life, people and Howard culture. Ever since my scope has widened even more, and I have embraced the experience.  What I have noticed is that Howard’s biggest challenge is students not being aware of what power they truly have. 

As students, we are able to change anything that we put our minds to. Students have spoke out against apartheid, racism, discrimination and our own issues.  The legacy is THE CURRENT STUDENTS.  We have the capacity to assist an African American become president, so we can darn sure address our own student issues.  We must not rest upon our president saying that students are first; however we Must demand and assure that we are first!  Utimately, Howard was established for students.

So let’s WAKE UP. We do not put on a face that seems that we know and understand that the weight of an oppressed people rest on our shoulders. Take class serious, take one another serious and educate ourselves about issues that plague US as people.  Once we are equipped with the tools, we must then engage in intellectual warfare. 

As “Leaders for America and the Global Community”,  we must be the light for our people.  By coming to Howard University, you accepted responsibility for not only yourself but our people.  So, WAKE UP and create legacy for future generations to boast about.  You have the potential; however potential is only stored energy.

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