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Umoja: Nnamdi Anozie

Student Nnamdi Anozie is the student-elected Undergraduate Trustee on the Howard Board of Trustees.

Student Nnamdi Anozie is the student-elected Undergraduate Trustee on the Howard Board of Trustees.

The elegance of Howard University transcends ethnicity and economics, its legacy is its essence; opportunity for all to achieve and exceed greatness.  At no other place can motivation and inspiration be found in such abundance than at Howard.

This past weekend I had the honor of watching my classmates perform in “Zooman and the Sign,” a play that literally left me speechless and not because of its content which was awing too, but because of the talent.  I sat their jaw opened and couldn’t believe that on stage were Joshua Nelson and Jalessa Noel who I have “kicked it” with, or even just joked around with in passing since freshman year.  I had no idea this was what Fine Arts was producing with the little that they have. 

This scenario is not rare. Across the board HU students have risen to the many challenges we face and managed to produce something from little or nothing.  To be honest it’s this fact about Howard that ticks me off the most!  Thinking about how much we do with so little requires me to evaluate how much more we could be doing if we were treated as the prizes of the nation that we know ourselves to be. 

But perhaps this is precisely the problem; maybe we don’t know who we are anymore.  We don’t know whom we are sitting next to in class, or whom we are passing on the yard and because of this we have placed the wrong value on each other and ourselves.  Instead we have reduced this experience to long lines in the administration building, fears of being purged, and more well thought out homecomings than budget allocations.  Stuck over romanticizing the days of Thurgood Marshall and Andrew Young, failing to catapult the successes of our students today and provide them with proper tools to set the standard across the nation.

Our alumni have set the pace for us to proudly state, despite what the statistics may or may not show, that we are the best HBCU. Now it is time for us to shatter the standards of the nations top colleges.  Don’t get me wrong I do not want us to lose the HBCU ideologies and methods of nurturing that have allowed many of us to love this place in spite of it but we do need make sure that we progress and become competitive.

Students we must continue to produce greatness, as we demand excellence.  Ask questions about everything and remember that your student leaders are not the solution; we are the support.  We must start here to create a culture of full circle giving that can withstand any recession.  Never forget your obligation to this place that through all of its ups and downs has helped to make you into the proud man or woman that you are so that in 2030 the Hilltop isn’t still publishing articles like this.

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