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Umoja: Rodney Hawkins

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Rodney Hawkins is the 2009-2010 executive president of the John H. Johnson School of Communications

What is accreditation?

One of the most important things Howard University students, staff, faculty and administration should think about is accreditation. As students it is critical that we understand this process. This process is critical to not only the success of this university, but to your success after graduation. Imagine spending all this money here at Howard and it mean nothing once it’s over.

Here is a little breakdown.

Every few years each of the universities 12 schools and colleges, undergraduate and graduate alike, go under a fine microscope to see if each of them are fulfilling their duties to teach and prepare students for their future in his or her given field. Basically, the accreditation agency wants to see if there are proper resources for the students to learn are available and if the students are actually learning.

Why is this important?

After four sometimes five years you should graduate. After graduation the “certificate of authenticity” is your diploma. This diploma ensures all jobs and professionals that you have, most importantly, graduated but also learned the information in your major. The accreditation of the institution ensures that what the diploma is saying is accurate. That you have learned.. If the college or school is not accredited it essentially means your diploma is null and void.

How does this apply to you?

Before you worry about these entities coming to our University and accrediting our institution, first think about accrediting yourself. Instead of blaming the problems in your major on the school or college, start thinking about ways that you can utilize all the resources on Howard Universities campus to better your learning experience. In the School of Communications our Journalism Department started providing workshops for students to learn skills outside of the classroom. This began last semester with lessons on how to edit on Final Cut Pro, how to you use Photo-shop, and many more. On average only two students showed up to each of these workshops. I say this only to wake up students to realize that before we watch our professors and administration go through tough evaluations, let’s make this a reminder to evaluate our own productivity. Hold yourself accountable for your own education before you hold anyone else. So while the university is going through accreditation apply this evaluation to yourself.

Would you pass accreditation?

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  1. Julian permalink
    February 2, 2010 6:30 am

    Well said…

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