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Umoja: Bryan Smart


Senior political science major, Bryan Smart, is the Howard University Student Association president.

Howard University impedes on student potential.  By allowing student financial services to be understaffed, housing facilities to be inadequate, technology to be outdated, libraries to noncompetitive, safety to be placed on the backburner, faculty to not be compensated, what type students are we expecting to produce and attract?  What would happen if these simple amenities were available and we could live up to the True Howard Student Potential?

Howard University produces the Best in every field no matter race creed or color.   The United States Inspector General went to Howard; the first African American General went to Howard, first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, First Black Supreme Court Justice and many more prominent figures.

We the students of Howard University make lemonade out of lemons daily, which translates to our lives.  We have liberated nations, with nothing more than an ideology.  That ideology is the one thing that unites our past, present and future potential. That ideology rests upon our desire to better the conditions of our communities. 

A lot of the things that we face as students are reflected in the past, alumni protested and spoke out against the very same issues that we did on September 4, 2009. When will it change?  When we say that our education is more important than anything else, when we say that if it is not efficient it is not acceptable, when we attend class and demand more and finally when we hold the university, alumni and most importantly ourselves accountable. 

Without the distractions outside of the classroom, this is what we would be able to do:
Cure HIV/Aids. Fix Education. Be Mentors to Youth. Speak out against Genocide.  Be Stress free.  Compete with others (though we already beat them).  Cure Diabetes.  Restore the Continent.  Start businesses while in school.  Be Role Models.  Start schools that educate future leaders.  Assist our DC neighbors.  Cure the broken home.  Stand against discrimination of ALL people.  Join in the fight for Healthcare Reform.  Write our history.  Learn languages.  Explore thought beyond what is required.  Raise funds for our education and that of others.  Own Media Distribution companies to promote the correct image of people.  Tell Our Story.  Visit Countries that need our help.  Find a cure for Capitalism.  Fix the market.

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