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Moment of Clarity

Andrew Jones is a senior legal communications major.

Andrew Jones is a senior legal communications major.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re broke. Despite the efforts of Ribeau and the administration, the University is still in the red and will likely be scarred by this recession. The entire Howard community is going to be affected by this plague, and the problem is that the students will likely take the brunt of the impact, because we are ignorant and uninvolved. Before you get outraged by being called ignorant, recognize that the average student either does not know what is going on with the budget shortfall, or has not done anything to improve the situation.

            Budget cuts will affect us the most because a college is a business, the product is graduates. All the money spent in the production of those graduates increases the quality of the product. Conversely, cutbacks in production, such as faculty layoffs, hiring freezes, and deferred maintenance, reduce the quality of the product. Remember that the retirement option for faculty and staff targeted those with the most experience, who tend to be most valuable to the student body (Ms. Freeman in Student Activities, Dean Woods in the School of C).

            Now let’s discuss what the student body can do to be involved in the solution, instead of merely being disproportionately affected by the problem. Tuition has already been increased, so students are already contributing to filling the fiscal hole, but we need to do a bit more. Challenge your student government and organizations such as Homecoming and Yearbook to conserve funds. Money spent on stipends, retreats, and frivolous events can be re-allocated to the Merit Aid fund.

            Let’s come together, work together, and build together; after all, the product being built is ultimately you.

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