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Students Ask For Release Knowing There’s More That He Require of Thee

January 22, 2010

With the tragedy that struck Haiti fresh in his mind, Trey Campbell stood before an audience, who was waiting on a release or a miracle, cloaked in faith.

Campbell, graduating senior psychology major, recalled watching CNN and hearing people praise and worship in Haiti after the earthquake hit. He said he could not see the people, however, because there was nothing but darkness. “In the midst of darkness, they’re still lifting him up knowing that blessings are about to come down.”

He said there may have been bodies to the left of those worshippers in Haiti and bodies to the right, but they chose to say, “I fear no evil.”

Hope in the heart of despair was the recurring theme of Wednesday Night Live, which was entitled “The Release Party”, held in the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel. Testimony after testimony gave students hope that this too shall pass.

“Somebody is trying to break through right now. Somebody is struggling right now,” Campbell said.

During a skit, one of the actors, junior political science major Dorien Blythers, said, “Where was God when my dad died?” Tatiana Bien-Aime, a member of the Haitian Student Association, gave his scripted words life, when she stood before the congregation and shared her story. Her story currently has no ending because she said everyday there is something new as she and other Haitian students make contact with loved ones in Haiti and learn of another death or misfortune.

“Where is God through all of this? How can there be a God through all of this?” Bien-Aime said wrestling to find the answers. Both Bien-Aime’s and Blyther’s words caused the audience to sit in a mournful silence.

One of the actors in the skit, sophomore television production major Allen Reynolds, said, “When we have the most tragic moments, God is the biggest in our lives.” Sharing the same sentiment, senior jazz studies major Jessica Brooks performed an original song, Fantasy Jesus, with the lyrics “No one can love you like Jesus can.”

The skit ended with the words, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers us from them all.”

As more disasters occur and tragedies strike, there is still no party like a Holy Ghost party because the lessons learned at Wednesday Night Live will never stop being relevant.

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