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Tales from the Inbox: Honda Insight

November 16, 2009

HOWARD UNIVERSITY STUDENTS WRAP UP THE 2010 Honda Insight Marketing Competition 

Washington, DC – Howard & Associates Marketing, a student-run marketing agency, successfully executed an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase awareness of the 2010 Honda Insight hybrid on the Howard University campus.  Howard & Associates Marketing created a campaign consisting of a promotional party in the student cafeteria, a main event where the Honda Insight was showcased for students to explore, and the final event showcasing the Honda Insight in the Howard University Homecoming parade.  All events and campaign tactics were designed to show off the fun, appealing attributes of the Honda Insight hybrid to the Generation Y market.  The campaign reached more than 4,000 campus and community members over the course of the term. 

The students developed the campaign as part of the Honda Insight Marketing Competition ¾ a unique industry-education partnership managed by Honda and EdVenture Partners that gives students the chance to apply their knowledge in the real world.  Howard University was one of 21 universities from around the country participating in this program.  

To wrap up the program, Howard & Associates Marketing will present their results to Honda representatives in a formal, agency-style presentation. The students will present their findings, including a 62% increase in the percentage of Howard University students familiar with the Insight. According to a survey taken at the main event, 70% of the people participating in the event said that seeing and learning about the Honda Insight has piqued their interest in the car.

Each participating university is competing for the chance to present their ideas to Honda executives at the end of the term.  Honda will select the top three agencies to present at the Scholastic Achievement Award presentation for the chance to win monetary awards. Winners will be announced after the competition at

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  1. Blackscholar permalink
    November 27, 2009 12:50 am

    I would like to know where can I secure a copy of this survey (via online)that was taken in an effort to assess its methodology and questions?


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