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Howard Goes Green

September 28, 2009

Camille Augustin – Staff Writer

Green balloons released against the grey skies kicked off Howard University’s recycling program.

It was a sign to show students that Howard University is moving forward in “going green.”

”This is an amazing feeling,” said Ashlie Williams, senior television production major. “I am glad that Howard University is standing up and making this global change.”

Williams said she was touched by the protest because her fellow students took action. Now to see the recycling program made her even prouder of her school.

The university closely monitored the amount of waste being generated on campus and totaled it to 50 tons of solid waste a week. This results in 2,500 tons a month that could have been recycled.

The speakers at the event called on the students to spread the word to their friends and stay committed to the process. In addition, they advised students to seek out the bins and not throw away recyclable products in any garbage. The white bins are strictly for paper and the blue bins with Pepsi logos on them are for plastics and cans.

No trash should be placed in these bins. They are strategically located in dormitories, buildings and other places on campus.

Andrew Rivers, chief of staff in President Sidney A. Ribeau’s office, said the recycling committee is planning to work with the city and on the national level to make Howard University recognized for recycling. “We are pleased to see the fruition of the recycling initiative come to life,” Rivers said.

Students spoke on the issue of recycling also. President of Engineers Without Borders and junior chemical engineering major Bianca Bailey, said the recycling plan will help the University save money. “Our student organization joined with the recycling program because we want to inform students on the importance of recycling,” said Bailey

According to Vice President for Administrative Services Michael Harris, a University of Howard’s stature will definitely make an imprint on going green. “Apart from the contribution we make in the atmosphere, we reduce our carbon footprint,” said Harris. “Although we are paying to recycle we reduce the solid waste that is going in these massive dumps.”

Harris said he was surprised to see the passion students have for recycling. He asked the audience to get their students or friends on board with recycling.

Harris said, “This effort can be accomplished if students, faculty and staff embrace it.”

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