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List of Protest Demands Grows

September 6, 2009

While the first list of demands for the September 4 protest only included the non-extension of the validation date, longer library and financial aid hours, a recycling plan and a wireless campus, the new list has includes the following bullet points:

  • All handicap entrances and elevators need to be updated and made compliant with the Federal ADA Standards
  • Immediate resignation of executive leadership in the Office of Student Affairs for reasons including but not limited to: intimidation of students, unprofessionalism, and infringing upon student’s First Amendment Rights.
  • Hours of financial aid should be immediately extended until 5pm. This should remain consistent until the set purge date with staffing i.e. certified financial aid officers and managers in place to render quality customer service and to serve the unusually large number of invalidated students.
  • All recipients of university issued scholarship that have satisfied all necessary requirements should be validated immediately and granted their funds.
  • Immediate 24-hour, 7 days a week access to the Undergraduate and Founders Library and the Information Lab
  • An accessible, consistently updated, itemized budget available to students of all of Howard University’s expenses, investments and other financial obligations.
  • Expand university technology platform to include Google Apps for Education (Email, Calendar, Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.) – Proposal attached.
  • Immediate evaluation and reorganization of Howard University Judiciary process to include students to be facilitated by the Office of Special Student Services in collaboration with Howard University Student Association.
  • Expedite the process of hiring a permanent Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs; Interim periods should be capped to six-months
  • Establishment of a student advisory committee for the Office of Student Financial Services
  • Allocate $14 million from the endowment to establish wireless connectivity for the entire campus with an operational date no later than 11/1/2009
  • Immediate implementation of comprehensive recycling program
  • Restoration of on-campus housing facilities and proposals for new on-campus housing developments for Howard University students to be completely built no later that 08/2011

List provided by the Howard University Student Association.

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  1. Blackscholar permalink
    November 4, 2009 5:52 am

    I’m still puzzled that the personnel from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education team would even award Howard University accreditation for a wide range of systemic issues. First, you have library (i.e., the Undergraduate Library [UGL] and Founders alike) that’s clearly does not meet any standard of what a “research level I” should encompass. Case in point, the air quality in the UGL is most horrendous due to the extremely poor circulation (lack thereof) and not including the inability to have a consistent temperature throughout the library. Second, you have numerous electrical outlets that are exposed to the point that a student could be electrocuted (knock on wood!!!). Third, the UGL does not have sufficient tables and desks in which it would allow for students to actually cultivate his/her intellectual capacity. Finally, on the UGL, the security operations are second-rate by any measure including private security lack of professionalism and the decrepit monitoring equipment. Not including they (i.e., the Middle States Commission on Higher Education team)should walk the entire stacks in the UGL and experience the high heat index that is the norm for this area while the “so-called” library Administrator’s just accept this and not rectify this long ongoing issue.) Further, if the personnel the Middle States Commission on Higher Education team actually visited the any of the academic buildings(i.e., unannounced that is), they would be really shocked as to what they would see in the form of “managed chaos” from an operational perspective(i.e., disheveled classrooms, non-functioning water fountains, non-functional SMART rooms, etc…).

    From a pure security standpoint alone, based upon all of the students who have been robbed, assaulted, raped, shot, and harassed [by students and non-students alike] on campus and not including the “danger-zone” like issues from the various parking lots. For those who may dissent, I would like for them to ask any female student how safe do they feel walking out to the parking lots when the sunsets. As a result, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education team should issue an injunction that requires Howard University to immediately install state of the art surveillance cameras covering all parking lots, the library, and any other university property that will be monitored by “trained” personnel. In order to cover such costs, Howard University can defray such costs by redirecting the monies earmarked for the yearly buffoonery Homecoming activities.

    The Middle States Commission on Higher Education team should actually spend time talking to students who are not part of the “Howard University” mouth pieces(i.e., most of the student leaders who maintain the status-quo even though they know such problems exists) in an effort to hear the “Realities” of Howard University to have an intellectually honest framework of Howard University.

    In sum, until such changes occur, Howard University will be “reaccredited” and the status quo will continue while all of the students will suffer because a “few” so-called University Administrator’s are more concerned about continuing a “myth” while fattening their wallets/purses at the expense of those whom for which they serve, the Howard University students.



    P.S. It is my hope the Middle States Commission on Higher Education team would venture over to the “cold war” like language lab, the chemistry buildings with the archaic equipment and the engineering building, etc.

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