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Protest Underway at A-Building 9/4

September 4, 2009

What has been coming into fruition for a long time has finally been initiated. Last night, after receiving a text message, more than 200 people filed into the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel in an effort to start was has been a right of passage for new Howard administration. Leaders from all across the campus came together for what is to be the turning point for Howard University and some of its processes. Attendees included the 47th through 49th Administrations of HUSA, School of Business Student Council, School of Communications Student Council, College of Arts & Sciences Student Council and the Undergraduate trustee.  The event began with an explanation of exactly why the sudden assembly of the student body was called.

“The time is now! The time has come! Enough is enough! We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Jerome Joseph, Howard University Student Association vice president, said. “It wasn’t our idea at first, but WE decided–as the Howard University Student Association, we can’t leave students out there to dry. If the students are out there, we’re right out there with them.”

Joseph then began to give an outline of the “Take A Stand Demands”. With more than 7 main demands, the demands that gained the most applause and shouts in affirmation were regarding the validation of students and the hours of operation for the Undergraduate Library.

This does not come as a shock for many because during spring 2009, The Hilltop reported on a protest done by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on the functionality and operations of the Founders’ Library. The validation process for students has been a consistent issue. Another demand that has been getting mixed feelings is another one said by Joseph, “immediate resignation of executive leadership in the Office of Student Affairs for the reasons, including but not limited to: intimidation of students, unprofessionalism and fringing upon students first amendment rights–and not adhering to Howard University’s Employee Code of Conduct.”

The keyword that is reiterated to the band of students was “peaceful”. As each speaker came to the front, each one continued to remind the student body that, like past protests, the purpose of this is to help the school and improve the operations of Administration. It is “not to make Howard look bad. Our goal is to get our desires met,” says Jeanette Hordge, Public Relations Director for HUSA. CBS, ABC, CB4 News were invited to the protest, but protesters were instructed to not speak to them.

Riley Wilson – Staff Writer

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  1. September 4, 2009 5:34 pm

    I strongly support the desire for Howard to demonstrate process improvements to benefit the educational development of its students. However, what is more important than just protesting, is the creation of realistic solutions to the problem.
    IF we do not currently have the resources to craft and intelligent series of proposals, then that is what should protested.
    Transparency and additional input. I personally would like to see a clear presentation of the current budgetary needs and expenses. From this point, we as a community can create solutions founded in truth.

    Also, where are the student trustees (Graduate & Undergraduate) on these issues?

    *PS Howard University is a research facility… little be known to its students. What are they doing to help bring in additional grants and funding?

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