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No More Tickets: The Financial Aid Office Goes Cyber

September 1, 2009

After almost two weeks of the new ticketing system in the Financial Aid office, a new process has been introduced to help students get better equipped with thieir financial, employment, and account concerns. Starting today, September 1, students can go online to schedule appointments with the Office of Financial Aid, Office of Student Accounts,Office of Student Employment which eliminates the ticketing system. 

In our ongoing efforts to improve our level of customer service, all students are now able to schedule their appointments with the Office of Financial Aid, Office of Student Accounts and the Office of Student Employment online at:

Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st, this new online system replaces our previous ticket system and enables students to easily make appointments via the web. Students should not attempt to retrieve tickets from any Student Financial Services office to speak with a representative. The appointments are in two hour timeslots. Once the maximum number of timeslots have been reserved, students will be able to make appointments for any other available timeslots/dates.

Prior to making an online reservation, please be sure to review your validation status, financial aid awards and student account balance online via BisonWeb.

The Office of Student Financial Services

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