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August 21, 2009

Drew Hall did not get air conditioning this summer, as it was rumored. While it may have been the overall intention, the asbestos slowed down the process. At the end of it all, they ended up repairing the heat so that the problems from last year are no more. If you recall, Drew Hall had no heat during one of the coldest winters last year. Well, Michael Harris said in an interview with The Hilltop this afternoon that those problems have been fixed. When asked about Drew Hall, he gave a little chuckle and noted that it is open for the year with Phase 1 of the repairs complete. Phase 2, air, was halted with the need to move in residents. So if you didn’t know, Drew Hall now has the capabilities to have air with just a few minor add-ons, but it does not have it currently. More facility updates are expected this semester. A list of summer improvements will be available in The Hilltop soon.

Also from PFM, the news that the expected recycling date was September 1 seems more like a dream. The official word is that the university will have a comprehensive plan implemented “on or around Sept. 1.” In previous interviews with The Hilltop, the former head of PFM (Physical Facilities Management) told us that they were waiting to hire a team of managers to decide the best route for the university because “we want to not only do it, but be the best at it.” Apparently that was not true because Harris did not know what that meant.

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