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Good-Bye… Hello…

August 13, 2009

Top Stories this week:

  1. Mock Trial Team, Forensics Team, and Debate Team are no longer offered at Howard University. This news comes despite the recent success of Howard University during the Great Debate held at Yale University. The debates were supposed to become a Howard tradition and nationwide competition.
  2. A student, who met the criteria to maintain her scholarship according to the student, has had her scholarship revoked in order to give more money to the incoming class of freshman. She will no longer be attending Howard University.
  3. We’ve been told that beloved professor, Dr. Gregory Carr, whose classes usually number about 250+ in size, has been promoted to Afro-American Studies chairman as the department celebrates 40 years at Howard University.
  4. The Pinning Ceremony is gone, but apparently not for the first time. So picture this, HUSA and The Hilltop will co-host, co-emcee a rally at Greene Stadium on Saturday. Individual schools and colleges will still pin their students, but the alleged $40,000 spectacle on the Yard has ended leaving the class of 2013 deprived. In his May interview with The Hilltop, Ribeau named the ceremony as one of his favorite events at Howard.
  5. Construction has begun on the West Towers’ parking lot and the gates have been locked. Hopefully this activity deters the unwanted criminal activity.
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