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The PrePaid Card: Paperless?

August 5, 2009

In an effort to go “paperless,” Howard University has issued Bank of America CashPay Student Cards to students receiving direct deposit.  The only notification students received was via an e-mail from Bank of America and then a subsequent e-mail for the Office of University Communications (OUC). The e-mail from OUC was received after the bank e-mail. The bank e-mail had no information regarding the card nor did the customer service representatives have any information about the card, if called. The only information it had was as follows:

“Welcome to the Bank of America CashPay Student Card card program. You should receive your card in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

At this time, Howard University, can deposit your funds directly into your Bank of America CashPay Student Card account using the following information… “ 

Students were left wondering.

The OUC email read as follows:

The Bank of America Visa CashPay Student Card program is approved and endorsed by Howard University.  The Visa CashPay card—for students without direct deposit—will be distributed on August 17, at 510 College Street. Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting information within the coming days about our campaign to go “paperless.” 
Thank you,
Barbara Griffin
Office of Provost

Effective Fall 2009 Howard University is going Green. The University will implement electronic payments for student credit balances.   

Here’s how: Direct deposit.

·      Direct deposit is simple.  Use any bank of your choice. Your money is automatically deposited into your account on time, every time.
·      Direct deposit is safe and confidential. Funds are transferred electronically and pass through fewer hands than a check.
·      Direct deposit is smart. There’s no waiting in line for a check, going to the bank or waiting for a check is a thing of the past.

If you currently have a checking/savings account you can sign up immediately for direct deposit. Complete the Student Authorization Form for direct deposit found on-line at and type direct deposit in search engine. For more information about this process, please contact Maurice Graham at 202-806-2271. 

If you don’t have a checking account, Bank of America has agreed to provide an account to you free of charge.
***If you are unable to sign up for direct deposit your refund will be issued via a Visa CashPay card. The card is a debit card which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.  You may also make cash withdrawals using this card at ATM’s worldwide.  Visa CashPay cardholders will NOT be charged any additional surcharge when using ATMs displaying the Bank of America sign.
The cards will be available for distribution starting August 17, at 510 College Street.

Thank you for your cooperation as we seek to provide you with a paperless and convenient means to serve you better.

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