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Office of the President 07/22

July 22, 2009
 Office of the President

 July 22, 2009

Dear HU Community:

This comes in reference to several important developments that will affect our academic direction and progress. I am announcing the formation of a new Select Commission on Academic Renewal and the appointment of a respected senior member of our community as its chair.

Dr. Alvin Thornton has agreed to lead what will be an inclusive University-wide initiative with representation from faculty, deans, students, and staff. These individuals will be joined by two former college presidents and, as a team, will be asked to facilitate our thinking and decisionmaking about our current academic programs (professional, graduate, and undergraduate). The work of the Select Commission on Academic Renewal will begin early in the 2009 fall semester and will be completed within the academic year.

Dr. Thornton is particularly suited for this role because of the masterful job he did in chairing the Budget Advisory Committee last year. As you recall, that Committee’s work was intense and efficient, resulting in a budget recommendation that reflected difficult choices and creative solutions. Now as we enter this second phase of our plan to strengthen our University, Dr. Thornton’s leadership of the Select Commission is valued. While serving in this capacity, he will remain as Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer as the search for a permanent Provost continues.

We remain dedicated to providing an excellent education for our students and a high quality work environment for our faculty and staff. Our actions now will determine the quality of our future. Thank you for your continued support as Howard assumes its place among our nation’s premier institutions of higher learning.


Sidney A. Ribeau, President

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