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OUC: Letter From the President

July 15, 2009






July 13, 2009

Dear Howard University Community:

I hope your summer is both restful and productive. Here at the University, we are at the beginning of a new fiscal year – filled with challenges and opportunities – and I’m writing to let you know where we stand as we prepare for the coming academic year.

You made it possible for us to finish the 2009 spring semester with an optimistic view of our future by stepping in when called upon, lending a hand where you saw a need, and doing the work of the University in your usual high quality manner.

As with our country, our University is facing tough financial times. We have responsibly begun to address the financial deficit of the University described to you last year by launching a multiphased process, the success of which depends upon every member of our community. Our goal is to build upon our legacy and transform our University into a 21 in higher education.

The first phase of our transformation process ended on June 30 long-serving staff took advantage of the VSIRP (Voluntary Separation Incentive Retirement Program). We appreciate their contributions to Howard as we look forward to creative ways to consolidate responsibilities and streamline service delivery.

With the direction of the Budget Advisory Committee, we have made progress. As part of Phase II, divisions have worked hard to reduce their budgets for FY 2010 and to search for new more cost-effective ways of operating. This is good and I congratulate you on your efforts to date. I urge you to continue; we have more work to do.

Since we have a commitment to Students First, another key element of Phase II is the simultaneous launch of our Academic Renewal Process, an inclusive University-wide initiative, about which you will soon hear more.

The next 12 to 18 months will be critical for us and as President Obama has predicted, we have “a difficult period” ahead. But we are convinced that we are up to the challenge as we move towards making our good institution a great one. You are the key and we appreciate your cooperation, your diligence, and your participation in what certainly promises to be an extraordinary journey towards new beginnings.


Sidney A. Ribeau





2400 Sixth Street, N.W. Suite 402 (202) 806-2500

Washington, DC 20059 Fax (202) 806-5934



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